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Quality problem handling
First of all, we will collect all the information about the problem part, such as casting number, picture and working condition, and find out the real cause of the product problem.
Then, our engineers will track the production records according to the casting number and analyze the casting samples we keep again. These pictures will bring us a lot of information we need.

Finally, they will develop a solution to prevent the problem from happening again. Quality tracking personnel check and track the implementation of quality solutions.

Price guarantee
Ensure that the current quotation is the most stable and reasonable price
The price fluctuation depends on the material cost and exchange rate, but the price will remain unchanged if it fluctuates up and down by 5%.

Delivery guarantee

Haihua wear resistant uses ERP system to manage the production progress, and the progress of each process will be updated every day to ensure the production progress.
The production ERP system will automatically remind when the date exceeds the plan, and the workshop must follow the instructions of the production manager.

customer service

Customer site visits before and after sales
Propose technical solutions according to the specific requirements of customers
Product application technical support
Seek customer feedback for continuous improvement

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