Research ability

Industry university research cooperation
Haihua wear resistant technology has maintained long-term and close cooperation with colleges and universities and scientific research institutions such as the school of material science and engineering of Anhui University of technology, and has established a cooperative relationship between industry, University and research. School enterprise cooperation, strong alliance, joint research and development of high-performance wear-resistant parts series products.

Through bilateral cooperation, the next step will be devoted to the technical research of the international advanced scientific level of wear-resistant materials, the technical research of metal matrix composites, and other major topics in the field of wear-resistant materials. The research results of wear-resistant materials will be continuously imported into Haihua wear-resistant technology company. The company is not only an important participant in scientific research projects, but also a transformation base for excellent scientific research results.

Technical team
*General manager and technical leader: Li Jiabao
More than 30 years of experience in R & D and production of wear-resistant castings, one of the drafters of many national standards.
*Technical expert: Mr. Zhang
More than 20 years experience in production and management of wear-resistant castings
*Technical consultant: Mr. Li
Professor, doctor, expert in wear resistant materials and metal materials

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